Whether the separation has been amicable or not, divorce is tough. It’s emotionally, mentally, and not to mention financially taxing. If you find yourself going through divorce, we’re here for you. Here’s what you need to know about divorce laws in Ohio.

Understanding the divorce law in Ohio

Ohio is one of the states that follows a no-fault and fault-based separation. This means that some reasons a couple can file for divorce include irreconcilable differences, or something more specific like adultery, assault, cruelty, abandonment, and so on. Divorce proceeding for no-fault divorces are typically less complex.

When it comes to property, Ohio follows equitable distribution. Under this arrangement, the court will try to distribute the assets as fairly and equitably as possible. This does not necessarily mean it will be 50-50. For instance, the responsibility of raising the children will fall solely on one parent, it is likely that they will receive more of the assets than the other.

Can I sell my house in divorce in Columbus, OH?

It’s not uncommon for couples to sell their home during divorce. If you’re considering this option, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

First, you’ll need to understand what properties can be sold. It is often marital properties that go on the market. These are defined as:

  • All real and personal property which is owned by either or both spouses as well as the retirement benefits acquired by one or both throughout the marriage
  • All interest that either one or both spouses have in any real or personal property
  • All income and appreciation on separate properties due to the labor, monetary, or in-kind contribution of one or both spouses that happened anytime during the marriage

If your home falls under any of these categories, then you’ll need to agree on who will get the proceeds from the sale. This is typically decided in the divorce settlement. Second, you’ll need to decide how to handle the mortgage. If you have a joint mortgage, both parties will need to be involved in the sale to divide the equity in the home. This is the portion of the sale price that’s left after the mortgage is paid off. Lastly, you’ll need to agree on who will stay in the home until it’s sold.

If you’re able to reach an agreement on these things, selling your home during a divorce can be a good way to move on with your life. Just be sure to consult with a lawyer to ensure that everything is handled properly.

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