Do You Have Title Issues For Your Columbus Home? Here Are Your Options

by Mar 15, 2022

More home sales are slowed down by title issues in Columbus, Ohio than you may realize. In fact, it happens more often than not. When this happens, the seller has to properly clear any issue before they can legally sell the property.

Issues such as legal rights to a property, clouds, or defects can prevent sellers from transferring the property’s title to the buyer. This can either slow down the selling process or prevent it from happening altogether.

How Are Title Issues Found?

Before selling a property, you need to have your title checked. This involves asking for a title report from a title insurance company. To create a title report, title insurance companies carefully scan through all the files at your local county recorder’s office so they can find documents that are attached to your particular property. Oftentimes, they will go back as far as 50 years to make sure they have all the pertinent information.

By checking on the title history, also called a chain of title, title insurance companies can unearth any hidden title issues, such as liens, past deeds, divorce decrees, court judgments, and tax records. They can also determine if these title issues have been rectified or are still in effect.

Once they’ve gone through all the necessary documents, the title insurance company will then compile all of the information they’ve uncovered into what is called a title report. It is common for a title check to be done more than once, as potential issues can come up even during the purchase process.

According to title insurance companies, at least one-third of the reports they make require extraordinary work to amend the title issues.

Once you’ve gotten your title report, you need to resolve any issue indicated in it, no matter how big or small.

What Are Some Common Property Title Issues in Columbus, Ohio?

There are a wide variety of title issues that can fall upon your property, some of the more common ones are:


    IRS tax lines

    The IRS can attach a lien, or a right to take possession of the property, if you do not pay for your taxes properly or on time. In order to get rid of the lien, you need to pay back however much you owe the IRS.

    Unpaid property taxes

    If you’ve failed to pay for your property taxes, this will reflect on your title. Just like the previous example, you’ll need to pay back the amount owed before you can sell the property.


    A homeowner may have a judgment put against their property. An example of this would be failure to pay for child support. Again, you’ll need to fulfill your financial obligation to resolve this kind of title issue.

    Identity affidavit

    Not all kinds of title issues are your fault. If you have a common name, for instance John Smith, the lien may be put on your property (instead of the property of the other John Smith in your area) by mistake. When this happens, you need to file an identity affidavit to prove you are not the John Smith in question.

    Can I Sell My House with Title Problems in Columbus, Ohio?

    If you choose to sell you home the traditional way, i.e., through a real estate agent, it can be next to impossible to sell your home without addressing the existing title issues. Depending on the gravity of the problem, this can take from a few hours to a few weeks.

    If you don’t have the time, legal assistance, or even just the patience to resolve your property’s title issues, you can sell your home to a professional cash home buyer instead.

    Ready to Sell Your Home?

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