How to evict tenants properly in Columbus OH

by Sep 16, 2022

There are times when it becomes necessary for you to evict a tenant.

It’s possible that the rent isn’t being paid or that something illegal is going on in your property. Your Columbus property’s value may decrease as a result of the renter’s damage and lost rental income if the landlord does not act immediately to evict the tenant.

Making the decision to evict a tenant is not simple. The eviction process can be expensive and intimidating for landlords who have never been required to go through it. While landlords ought to make every effort to avoid evictions, most will discover that they must initiate the procedure at least once while renting out properties.

Not sure where to start? Read on as we walk through the steps on how to evict tenants legally in Columbus.

Step 1: Know your state’s eviction laws

You need to become familiar with your state’s eviction laws before you can start the eviction process for a renter. If you recently moved, it is crucial to review these regulations because they differ from state to state. While reviewing, you should also consult with your real estate attorney and local property manager.

Step 2: Determine the grounds for eviction

Determine whether you have a good reason for evicting a tenant after examining the legislation. Generally speaking, a landlord has the right to evict a tenant for breaching the terms of the lease, such as failing to pay rent, engaging in unlawful behavior, having an unauthorized roommate or pet and refusing to correct the issue, or continuously breaking the terms of the rental agreement.

Step 3: Serve a formal eviction notice

Sending the eviction notice is the next move if all efforts to reason with the tenant have failed. This letter informs the renter that you intend to evict them and gives them a certain amount of time to correct the issue or leave the Columbus property. The notice does not automatically evict the tenant, but it informs them of their brief window before the matter is brought before a court.

Step 4: File for eviction

Many landlords prefer to have their eviction proceedings handled by an experienced real estate lawyer who focuses on residential evictions. This can save money because if the eviction process isn’t carried out precisely, the landlord may have to start from scratch. Even worse, a landlord who unlawfully evicts a tenant may be held liable for expenses, damages, or both.

A landlord who decides not to hire legal representation must prepare and file the necessary pleadings in the relevant court, pay the filing fee, and carry out the necessary service.

Step 5: Evict the tenant

The court is likely to judge in your favor if you’ve followed the local laws on property eviction. You’ll get a court order—often referred to as a Writ of Restitution—that enables you to evict the tenant from your property legally.

The writ is given to local law enforcement, who will come to the property, give the renters some time to pack up their belongings and then, if required, forcibly remove the evicted tenant and their possessions.

Step 6: Collect past due rent

When you win an eviction lawsuit, the court will often additionally grant you a judgment for past-due rent and the cost of any damage the tenant did. Many landlords hire a collections company to get the rent they’re owed.

To ensure that you are paid for the money the tenant owes, an agency will report the judgment to the credit bureaus, skip trace the tenant if they’ve vanished, and seize their earnings and other assets.

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