The benefits of listing with a cash home buyer in Cincinnati, OH

by Sep 30, 2022

When looking to sell your home in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the options to consider is a cash home buyer. This may not be your first option as they do not have the most ideal reputations. But a number of reliable companies nowadays provide cash offers for homes to improve the experience for sellers.

Depending on your reasons for selling your home—divorce, a job move, or low funds—the speed and convenience of selling for cash may be appealing for you.

What does it mean to sell my home for cash?

Professional home buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio are either individuals or companies that buy your house outright, without the need for a loan. There are many kinds of professional home buyers such as iBuyers, home flippers, and buy and hold investors. Although they have different business models, they all have similar benefits to the home seller.

The process usually goes like this:

  • You request an offer from a professional home buyer.
  • The buyer collects information about the property to determine how much they are willing to pay.
  • The buyer provides you with a contract, which you will decide on whether to accept or reject.
  • To have confidence in the sale, you should also ask the buyer for proof of funds.
  • If you choose to accept the offer, the buyer may still do additional inspections and appraisals, depending on how they operate.
  • Since a lender is not involved, you can close the sale without going through the loan-processing period.
  • After closing the sale, the seller makes sure that the title is clear and free from any claims or judgements against the property.
  • The buyer then pays for the property via the agreed payment method.
Now that you have a better idea on how it goes, here are some benefits of a cash home buyer in Cincinnati:

Reduce your expenses

One of the main reasons why you should consider a cash home buyer is the money that you will save. Conventional home sales involve many home-selling expenses including repairs, curb appeal projects, staging, and commissions. Although you still have some official steps to complete, selling for cash lets you skip most of these expenses.


Flexible move out

A cash sale gives you flexibility on when to move out, whether it is immediately or a few months down the line since you’re not waiting for a third party to approve an appraisal or loan.


Less stress

When dealing with traditional buyers or real estate agents, there are a lot of things to consider such as keeping your home in tip-top shape for inspections and appraisals and organizing your schedule for showings.

With a cash home buyer, you can let go of these worries. You can sell your home in an “as is” state as they already know that your property may have problems or flaws. It is up to you on how much work you want to do on your home to get a great price.


Faster closing

When your buyer needs to take out a loan, the process usually depends on the lender’s timeline. When you sell your home to a cash home buyer, lenders aren’t part of the picture. This makes closing the sale faster. In addition, cash home buyers also skip the negotiation process. Once you request an offer, it is up to you whether you want to accept it or not.

Sell to a professional home buyer

“I want to sell my house fast in Cincinnati!” Does this sound like you?

You might want to consider a cash home buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Let us help you on how to list with a cash home buyer in Cincinnati. Offer Express is a no-nonsense cash home buying company that offers cash for houses in Columbus, OH. If you need to sell your house fast in Columbus, OH for cash, we’re local home buyers serious about buying your house. No repairs, no inspections, no agents, no fees, no commissions.

Our process does not involve getting pre-qualified by a bank in order to obtain a mortgage loan to purchase your property or wasting your time listing the property on the MLS, Zillow,, or any other listing platforms. The reason we are able to move so quickly on the purchase of your house is because we use our own CASH MONEY to buy the property in Ohio, which means the sale is more secure and we can close faster.

To find out more about our unique and alternative ways to sell your house fast in Columbus, OH for cash, call us today: (614) 820-5777.

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